Keto while travelling

Keto while travelling


Home made Beef Jerky.


If you want to buy prepared, look for biltong instead of jerky.


Thank you! I searched this yesterday on the sub. I travel full time for work & live out a suitcase. Cooking is not an option. I just placed an order for parm crisps, quest protein chips, & moon cheese to keep in my bag. These don’t necessarily fit your criteria but can add to the convo for people with similar challenges as us on the road.


Tuna pouches. Flavored water packets. Individual peanut packets. Almonds in the car. I also keep a few paper plates, plastic forks in the car easier to eat hamburgers bunless. In my toiletries case I keep a steak knife and metal fork salt packets (delivery can sometimes be a pain). Pre boiled eggs, individual packs of lunch meat, rotisserie chicken, pre packaged salads are my go to while in a hotel once I reach my destination.


My standard warning about Brazil nuts - they are insanely high in selenium, and more than 3 a day can start to put you into trouble. I honestly don't know why they don't come with a warning label :)


Protein powder. Lupini beans (they sell them in pouches in supermarkets here), aseptically packaged tofu and nut milks, canned chicken, tuna, salmon, low carb vegetables, and packets of condiments (soy sauce, mustard, Mayo, hot sauce, salad dressing, etc). I make low carb bread and slice it very thin, then bake in a very low oven until dry and crisp. They keep well in zip top bags. Hopefully you can pick up some fresh items whilst on the road!


pork rinds!


I'd highly recommend you get your hands on a camping stove or buy a throwaway BBQ, so that you can eat a proper meal. Other options: * Corned beef (canned), if you can stand the taste and texture. * Carton of pasteurized eggs or egg whites. Chug them down Rocky style. If they don't have the cartons, you can get a small box of 6 eggs. * Cold cuts/deli meat